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Website and Blog Platform: New Auto Repair Perspective

This is a blog platform website where auto repair consumers and shop owners will find introductory information about my perspective on auto repair, helpful tips and other information. This platform correlates with my related websites, podcasts, and social media channels.

One correlated website, Auto Shop Connection, is for auto consumers and auto repair shop owners. It provides both groups with a podcast platform where auto repair shop stories and helpful tips and information are shared. It offers shops and auto owners a mutually beneficial and engaging way to connect, learn, share feedback, and recommendations. Auto Shop Success is another correlated website specifically for auto shop owners to discover ways they can improve and grow their business.

Sign Social Media Blog Forums PodcastThis blog platform is a window into my business where I outline my plans, goals, and recommendations as well as refer to valuable information contributed by outside resources. I will be asking consumers and shop owners to participate with me in bringing much needed improvements that can reshape the auto repair industry.

When talking about the industry, there are many elements to consider. The proliferation of electronics on today’s new vehicles is an example when you consider the skill level required by technicians who repair them when they break. As technology has become increasingly more complex, the automotive industry isn’t alone in having to deal with a shortage of skilled workers. Auto owners are likely to see a dramatic increase in repair shop labor rates as shops are required to pay increasingly higher wages to employ and retain skilled workers.

Another element is the changing way people view auto ownership. Millennials are said to be moving away from ownership. They embrace ride share services like Uber and Lyft and more contemporary rental car formats where an individual rents a vehicle by the hour, to run errands, rather than for an entire day. Vehicle manufacturers now must question who will purchase the largest percentage of their new cars, trucks or SUVs? Will businesses and corporations become the primary purchasers as individuals move away from owning vehicles?

Millennials Connected Car

And what will become of the small independent auto repair shops unable to afford state-of-the-art equipment and technicians with the education and skill required to repair the technologically advanced systems on today’s cars? Will they become a thing of the past as more and more individuals opt to rent instead of purchase vehicles?

While many speculate about what the future holds for the auto industry, the things mentioned in the previous paragraphs are but a few of the factors that will shape its future. These shifts are already starting to send out ripples affecting the auto repair industry. Individual auto owners will likely begin to see and feel these effects in the next three to five years.

Facilitating interaction with car owners and auto repair professionals alike will be the backbone of this blog platform and the connections with my other sites where topics are discussed, interviews hosted, entertaining conversations shared, and informative courses presented. Available on the Internet and through social media, the podcast episodes and video presentations can be accessed by interested followers.

Shop Owners Building Platform

What is a Platform Website and How can it Help My Business?

For auto shops, being connected is important and having their own platform is a vital tool for doing so. If you are a shop owner who is unfamiliar with the function of a platform and how it can apply to your auto repair business, below is a brief description.

In his book, Platform – Get Noticed in a Noisy World, author Michael Hyatt gives one of the best descriptions of a platform and its function that I’ve found so far. He makes this statement, “In order to be successful in today’s business environment, you need two things: a compelling product and a significant platform.”

Having a platform property that you control, just like your company website, is vital to the success of any business in today’s economy. A platform enables a business owner to be more connected to their customers and establishes a location where they can be found by online searchers. A platform is a stable location that no one else can change.

Social media is another good way for someone to find you or your business, but since someone else controls the media location, it’s not the same as having control of your own site. You want the ability to bring all of your social connections back to your platform.

Car Phone Podcast

Author David Meerman Scott also agrees with the concept presented in Michael Hyatt’s book. During an interview on the Duct Tape Marketing podcast, he discusses the importance of having a platform website for yourself as a business owner.

A platform will act as a foundation for a business. That is what this website is for my business. It will not have a lot of in-depth content, but it will function to introduce all products and services I offer. When searching online, this platform is where someone can find me or find out about me.

Think about a platform for yourself or your business. To get a clear picture of what it can do for your business, I encourage you to read Michael’s book. And you may want to watch this site and use it as a model for your own platform.

Auto Owner Car Service Advisor

Retail and Fleet Consumer Auto Repair Information

As my passion is that auto repair customers have access to helpful information and tips about ways they can save money and reduce inconvenience and frustration when having auto repairs or maintenance performed. While all of the helpful content will not be located on this platform site, it will direct searchers to specific locations where detailed help is available in the form of written posts, audio recordings, and videos.

Some of the information presented will be in podcast episode interviews with technicians, service advisors and shop managers or owners on a variety of topics such as:
• How to find honest repair shops that deal fairly and perform quality repairs
• Tips for working with shops and knowing what to look for to save money
• Finding a shop that helps you budget vehicle maintenance and repair needs

Helpful information made available by auto repair professionals can save auto owners money. For example, I became aware of a 2014 Subaru with a check engine light on for a camshaft valve-timing problem. The car hadn’t received timely engine oil changes, suggesting this $300 to $400 auto repair was likely the result of a delayed maintenance issue. In situations like this, a repair shop actively working as an advocate for the auto owner would educate them about timely maintenance that could save them money in the long run.

Platform Business Plan

Auto Shop Owner Introduction to Helpful Websites

On this platform, repair shop owners will be introduced to my auto shop manifesto and its purpose of presenting new ways to run an auto repair business. I will share where to find helpful information on how to make your business more successful. For example, the “shop culture” phenomenon is a trending topic many successful shop owners describe when interviewed by Carm Capriotto on the Remarkable Results Radio Podcast. This podcast, easily accessible and quickly becoming one of the best resources where successful shop owners tell what they are doing to improve their customer’s experience, shop profitability, and many other facets of running an auto repair shop.

There are many things to consider when looking for ways to improve your shop. In this present age of information, so much knowledge is available to us within seconds of an online search. While it is still important to consider the source, there is a wealth of information to be found.

The function of this platform is to identify and share quality information in ways that are easy to understand. On the Auto Shop Connection and Auto Shop Success sites, detailed topical information will range from:

• Marketing and Podcasting
• Hiring, recruiting and retaining employees
• Training and supporting employees in economical ways
• Finding and retaining good customers
• Promoting loyalty that keeps customers coming back
• Interviews with accounting, human resource, legal, coaching and other professionals
• Membership and Loyalty programs

Automotive Repair Shop Podcast

By actively contributing to the Auto Shop Connection website and podcast, you can increase your company’s community and online presence. Participation includes telling your story and sharing information that helps auto owners have great auto repair experiences. One of the best and fastest ways to grow brand recognition of your company, podcasts help prospective customers come to “know, like, and trust” you before they step foot in your shop.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a consumer or shop owner, this platform will provide introductory information or guide you to detailed resources for managing your auto repairs or your business.

As a platform, this blog resource allows me to share concepts I’m passionate about on my mission to facilitate improvement in the auto repair industry. With your help, we can shape the kind of change that is balanced and beneficial for all parties.

Start by sharing feedback or suggesting topics of interest to you that pertain to cars or repair shops. Are you willing to participate by being interviewed for the Auto Shop Connection podcast?

Please use the comments section below to share your interest in participating or offer feedback on topics of interest to you as an auto owner or repair professional.

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