Having a podcast for your shop is like having your own radio show were you control all content, advertising and interviews. Your customers will here you and your employees sharing helpful tips.

What You’ll Get During This Free Podcast Strategy Call

During this call we will discuss the benefits of having a company podcast. I will walk you through how easy it is to share your knowledge and experience by having a discussion with me online. You will be talking on your shop phone or on an APP with your mobile phone. After the call I will edit the audio and send you the file so you can listen on your own phone.

What You’ll Do Before the Call

Before the trial call I will be looking at your website, analyzing your brand, and putting together a goal for topics and information we could share on your podcast. You will gather some information about your company history for presentation on the first live podcast episode.

What Happens During the Call

We will use the information we gathered about your company and brand. Our notes of this information will give us an outline to discuss during the call. This is not a live call! Everything we say can be changed or removed. We don’t want you to feel any pressure. Everything is fixable.

What Changes After the Call

I will edit the audio to make you and I sound professional and skilled at co-hosting a podcast show. I can remove sections that don’t sound good. During the call we can pause the recording to discuss or repeat a section. When fully edited I will send a finished copy to you for your review.

About Dave Eastman

Dave co-hosts two automotive podcasts with shop owners. He is the founder of the Auto Shop Connection podcast and the Auto Owner Story podcast. Dave has been building websites for repair shops since 2010. He optimizes his websites for local SEO to provide optimal positioning in Google searches.

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