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Dave Eastman has over four decades of experience in the automotive repair service industry as a technician, trainer, manager, sales representative and entrepreneur. He worked in independent auto repair shops, tire stores, high school, college and federal government automotive programs. He has worked as an instructor for General Motors training dealership technicians.

Dave is an entrepreneur, coach and teacher at heart.  In college he discovered teaching as his ideal career.  One of his most notable accomplishments was presenting the keynote address to 200 VICA vocational students on career success.  Another was working for five years with troubled youth at the Job Corp as an automotive instructor.

Dave was first introduced to the personal development industry in 1972 after reading a copy of Success Magazine.  The magazine was packed with information and articles by early leaders and developers of the movement.  Since that time, Dave has researched hundreds of articles, magazines, and books on the subject.  Dave has continued his lifelong pursuit of life’s meaning and has enjoyed helping others discover their personal and business goals.

The articles and books about great individuals, coaches and leaders highlighted a common thread among many of the materials Dave read.  A large number of leaders Dave studied researched one book more than any other.  That book is the Bible, God’s Word.  It was the most influential book in many of their lives.  Printed more than any other book in history, it stands above all other books in authority, accuracy and truth.

Dave experienced an entrepreneurial itch all of his life and, after several trial and error experiences, he started his company Asset Development Solutions Inc. in 1996.  The vision of his company has been to help people develop the assets they possess within themselves and to assist business owners, employees, and individuals reach their intentions, goals and desires.

Dave writes and presents training seminars for students, employees and business owners on subjects including marketing, teamwork, teambuilding, automotive technology, personal profile analysis, vision and mission statements for personal and professional use.

Dave assists automotive repair shops develop their skills and knowledge in business success by demonstrating benefits and techniques of Internet marketing.  He developed a network of websites and blogs to assist auto repair shops establish and implement individual online marketing plans.

Dave has an AS Degree in Automotive Technology, and he became an ASE Master Certified Automotive Technician certified technician in 1974.  His other previous experience includes teaching vocational studies in three states and teaching automotive electronic courses for General Motors.  He has been a service writer, manager and director for 7 years, software and equipment sales representative for over 14 years, instructor and trainer for over 15 years, and he worked as an automotive technician for 8 years.

One of Dave’s greatest and personally enjoyable strengths is taking complex large volumes of information and synthesizing it down to small, digestible sizes for presentations to students, seminar participants, and online formats.

Dave has been married to his very loving wife since 1984, and he has 4 wonderful children and 8 grandchildren.  When Dave is not working, he enjoys the beauty of Idaho by camping, biking, hiking and cross-country skiing with his family.  He also enjoys learning about and traveling to scenic and historic locations in our vast and wonderful country.

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